Welcome to the College of the Rockies Student Association Website!

Here, you can find what we do, what we can do for you, and how you can help us!

Who Are We?

The COTR Student Association is a group of six student body elected members working with students to provide opportunities to get involved in the COTR community. If you are looking to get more involved or create change in the COTR community, drop by during office hours to see how we can help you!


It's Movember!

Check out what we are doing for Movember here http://cotrstudents.ca/5.html


Our Current Members Are:

President: Ryan Diotte

Vice President: Kate Hammar

Director at Large: David Wibe

Treasurer: Kellan Ward

Secretary: Dalicia Reeser

Director of Communication: Jessica Bermel


Find out more about us here:



Our Purposes Are:

·         To administer the affairs of the COTR student body for the benefit of the COTR Student body.

·         To create, organize, promote and enrich the social, cultural, recreational, educational programs, services and environment for students of the College of the Rockies.

·         To develop a sense of community among students and other groups within the College of the Rockies.

·         To promote general welfare of students and the furtherance of post-secondary education consistent with the purpose of the College of the Rockies.

·         To promote and represent students' issues and interest in relation to the College of the Rockies.


What Can We Do For You?

1)      We can help you start a club.

·         We have various types of tools to help you get started including promotional material and financial resources set aside for clubs.


2)      We can provide funding for your event, ideas and groups.

·         Donít let this FREE money go to waste!


3)      We have a free student food bank!        

·         Stop on in during office hours and help yourself to free food. We also accept donations at any time as well!


4)      We host fun events!

·         Keep checking back to the Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.


5)      We have a student lounge (Rm. 144)

·         Our lounge has a  Wii with games like Rockband and Mario Kart, awesome board games (including Settlers of Catan with expansions)  and a FREE colour printer. You can come in to hang out anytime!


6)      We give out free stuff!

·         Come on in to check it out!



Come See Us!

We're located in rm 144

Office Hours:


10am - 2:30pm 



10am - 2:30pm



11:30am -4pm



11:30 am-2:30pm



Also, pop on over to our Facebook group to learn about the most current events happening!